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Today, 07:30
Probably a good idea to have up several screenshots of the permissions / settings and how it appears in a forum. Best to do that with all your addons (some better than others.) As of right now it's difficult to know what it looks like in a live forum, whether you can set this for every forum, whether it's just one banner that goes on your forum home, etc. I think i have an idea but a suggestion to supplement your great addons with more info. Remember, the potential customer is not familiar with what you see all the time!


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Today, 12:30
I guess your technically correct, although it is obvious (at least to me) that one of the screenshots shows the edit forum page.

Actually, maybe it isn't that obvious. No titles.

I'll take it on board (but I'm out and about on my phone right now, so more screenshots will have to wait until I get back).