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Post Macros 5.1.0 Beta 2

Change log

  • New macros list layout
  • Macros lists sorted by macro title
  • Auto-submitting macros
  • Custom macro placeholders
  • Improved code base - significant improvements to query counts etc.

Release notes

Post Macros 5.1.0 brings some major changes - the most noticeable being the much improved layout of the front-end macros list. Each macro is now it's own block, making them stand out more and allowing the full range of BB Code to be displayed effectively (the previous layout had the control buttons overlaying tables).

Inactive macros are now listed on a separate page, and both lists are fully paginated - so those with large numbers of macros will no longer be subjected to a horrifically long page.

In addition, Post Macros 5.1.0 contains two new features:
  • Auto submitting macros
  • Custom macro placeholders
Auto submitting macros are self explanatory - there is a new checkbox when creating a macro, which, if enabled, will cause a reply to be submitted automatically when that macro is used. This can be used to create quick moderator actions (moderation-only macros will be coming in a future version, hang tight!).

Custom macro placeholders is a more significant introduction - and is very powerful. This lets users (and admins, in the case of global macros) to define placeholders in macros that should be entered by the user using the macro when it's used. The placeholders can be defined as required (in which case, the macro cannot be inserted without entering a value), or optional. The placeholders are filled in with an overlay when the macro is selected - see the screenshots.

This is a beta for now, though I've tested it extensively locally, so I expect there to be minimum bugs. Do please test the beta, and let me know if you find any, though!

Note: Post Macros 5.1 requires PHP 7.0 or above and XenForo 2.1 or above.