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Post Macros

A.K.A predefined replies... Plus!

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Post macros is a powerful addon that allows you to set pre-defined replies, and access them when creating a thread/conversation or replying to a thread/conversation.

They are accessible via both the quick reply and main reply pages, and whether or not the selector appears is user configurable.

The macro content supports a number of variables, and macros can auto-fill the thread title as well as the body.

Macros can be defined for usergroups to use in the AdminCP - meaning Admins can provide staff with a template for their posts.

Staff macros allow staff to share macros with other staff users (although only the owner and those with the relevant permission can then edit it).

In all, this is addon is an excellent time saver, and is a must for anyone who has members or staff constantly repeating the same things over and over again...

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