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Pay to Post

Accept payment for posted threads!

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This add-on allows you to receive payment for new threads in a forum, as well as new resources in a category.

You can specify the price per thread, image and a price per day featured (a featured thread is a sticky - this option can be disabled).

For resources, you specify a price per resource.

When a user creates a new thread in a payment forum, they're redirected to a page which shows them a cost breakdown, with a button to pay via PayPal (it uses the PayPal email for user upgrades). When the payment is processed, and the valid IPN notification has been received, the thread is fully posted and the poster notified.

Before payment, the thread has a status of awaiting-payment. This stops it from being seen by all except the poster, who sees a warning on it.

The same thing happens with resources.

In the options panel, you can specify the amount of time you want to give to allow purchasing. After half of this time has passed, an alert will be sent to the poster to remind them to complete payment.

After all this time has passed, the thread (or resource) will be permanently deleted.

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