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  1. Liam

    Post Macros 5.1.0 Beta 3

    Add missing pagination elements to admin global macros list Fix issue which caused pre-5.1.0 macros to lock and sticky threads, even when they weren't supposed to Improve JS interoperability with other add-ons
  2. Liam

    Post Macros 5.1.0 Beta 2

    New macros list layout Macros lists sorted by macro title Auto-submitting macros Custom macro placeholders Improved code base - significant improvements to query counts etc.
  3. Liam

    Post Macros - unable to test

    Hi, On XF 2.1 you have to manually add the post macros button to the editor toolbars using the new BB Code button manager. Liam
  4. Liam

    Beta Conversation Folders 2.0.0 Beta 1

    Organise your conversations!
  5. Liam

    Beta Conversation Folders 2.0.0 Beta 1

    Initial release
  6. Liam

    Post Macros 5.0.1 Release Candidate 2

    Fix pagination on global macro management page Fix oversight which caused one additional query per global macro when viewing account macros list Various minor fixes
  7. Liam

    Solved Problems when downloading Post Macros addon

    Ah, I see the issue. Your site URL is actually supposed to be a link to your site - not the link to the license. That's bugged :) To get to your license, you click the product name. I'll admit, it's not the most intuitive interface... Sorry about that! Liam
  8. Liam

    Solved Problems when downloading Post Macros addon

    That's strange. What's the URL you're being directed to, and where is that error appearing? If you go to this page, can you download the add-on? It may be a bug with the eCommerce system I'm using - if so I'll report...
  9. Liam

    Post Macros 5.0.1 Release Candidate 1

    Interim XF 2.1 support
  10. Liam

    Thread Solutions 2.4.0 Beta 1

    Re-add the old 'Balloon' display style from the XF1 version of this add-on This is a style property - find it under the 'Messages' style property category Make the fields provided by this add-on visible to API requests
  11. Liam

    Post Macros - unable to test

    Hi, Yeah. Post Macros isn't 2.1 compatible yet, and this site is running on XF 2.1. I'll upgrade it to a beta version I've got, so people can demo it. Liam
  12. Liam

    Mention avatar testing

  13. Liam

    Sticky first post

    Hi, The rights to that add-on were acquired by Xon, and he took over all the existing licenses. You can claim your original license on his site: Sticky Any Post 2.0.7 | Atelier Aphelion. Liam
  14. Liam

    Solved add licence this error

    The domain you entered there doesn’t match the domain you entered in the XenForo customer area for that license. They need to match.
  15. Liam

    add licence

    Hi What is the error you're getting? Liam
  16. Liam

    Issues Getting Confirmation Email

    Ah, yes, there's a missing forward slash on the end: Store There's also a link in the navigation under the store tab labeled 'Your licenses'. Liam
  17. Liam

    Issues Getting Confirmation Email

    Hi, Sorry about that. I had to restore my server due to a failed upgrade, and didn't make a configuration change that directs emails to go through IPv4, as my ISP blocks outgoing connections to port 25 (which is used to send email) on IPv6. I've triggered a new email, you should've just...
  18. Liam

    Thread Solutions

    Add missing template
  19. Liam

    Thread Solutions

    Fix error when creating/modifying thread
  20. Liam

    Thread Solutions

    Fix error related to filtering solved/unsolved threads
  21. Liam

    Thread Solutions 2.3.1

    Bump 2.3.1 to stable (no code changes)
  22. Liam

    Thread Solutions 2.3.1 Beta 2

    Major refactor of the solution count system
  23. Public Random Stuff

    Public Random Stuff

  24. Liam

    Thread Solutions

    Include missing phrase in package
  25. Liam

    Thread Solutions 2.2.0

    Added alert (and alert opt-out) for when a post is marked as a solution Added 'Solutions' count to user stats (appears on member tooltip, and member profile page) Fixed some small bugs
  26. Liam

    Branding Removal

    Following a review of branding in add-ons, I have decided to remove permanent branding from all LW Addons and XF Liam add-ons. If you own an add-on that displays branding, please feel free to disable the relevant template modification. Older add-ons may require code edits - please start a...
  27. Liam

    Thread Solutions

    Fix possible incompatibility with incorrectly coded add-ons.
  28. Liam

    Post Macros

    Fix bug which caused XenForo boards not hosted at URL root to be incompatible with macros
  29. Liam

    Want to buy, but....

    Hi, The bug has been fixed and you should be able to complete the purchase now. Sorry for the inconvenience! Liam
  30. Liam

    Want to buy, but....

    Looks like this is a bug in the eCommerce system I use. Liam
  31. Liam

    Want to buy, but....

    Thats strange, I tested this on a new account when you made this thread, and it worked fine... Let me look into this quickly.
  32. Liam

    Want to buy, but....

    When are you getting this error? Liam
  33. Liam

    Unable to reply/make new threads (RESOLVED)

    Hi, I imported the LW Addons board data into an import from my old XF Liam board, in the process all XenForo License verifications were lost, so everyone has to re-verify. Unfortunately, I forgot to create a notice telling people of this, sorry about that! Liam
  34. Liam

    Thread Solutions 2.4.0 Beta 1

  35. Liam

    Custom Editor Colors 1.0.1

  36. Liam

    Post Macros 5.1.0 Beta 3

  37. Liam

    Custom Editor Colors 1.0.1

    Fix compatibility issues (replying works again)
  38. Liam

    Custom Editor Colors 1.0.0

    Initial release
  39. Liam

    Post Macros

    First public stable release of the 5.x series.
  40. Liam

    Thread Solutions 2.1.3

    Prevent an error occurring for templates that don't provide the thread entity when calling the prefix function
  41. Liam

    Thread Solutions 2.1.2

    Bug fixes
  42. Liam

    Thread Solutions 2.1.1

    Bug fixes
  43. Liam

    Thread Solutions 2.1.0

    The solution prefix is now independent of the thread prefix - you can have both the solution prefix and the thread prefix apply The solution prefix is now retroactive Multiple new permissions Mark solution on others threads Mark own post the solution This is automatically granted on upgrade...
  44. Liam

    Thread Solutions 2.0.0

    Initial stable release
  45. Liam

    Welcome to LW Addons!

    Welcome to LW Addons, the new home for my paid add-ons. This is a completely new board, so you will need to re-register. You will need to provide your XenForo license validation token and domain in order to do so. All add-ons here will be for XF2. The licensing terms are that if you held an...
  46. Liam

    Solved Mention Link.

    It is available to download on the XenForo community: Mention Link Liam
  47. Liam

    Better screen shots

    I guess your technically correct, although it is obvious (at least to me) that one of the screenshots shows the edit forum page. Actually, maybe it isn't that obvious. No titles. I'll take it on board (but I'm out and about on my phone right now, so more screenshots will have to wait until I...
  48. Liam

    Solved Username Change

    The whole site, like other add-ons. It appears next to the XenForo branding line. Liam P.S Thanks for letting me know about the missing prefixes... I'll add them in.
  49. Liam

    does the user choose or is it automatic?

    It's an option and a permission. You can have it auto generated, and users can enter their own. It uses the standard route system, so it should be compatible :) Liam
  50. Liam

    Hi :)

    Just logging in would've sufficed ;) Liam