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Paid Threads 2.0.0 Beta 4

No permission to buy (£35.00)
Paid threads is a direct upgrade to my Pay to Post add-on for XenForo 1.

It allows you to define certain forums as 'paid forums', in which threads require a payment before being made publicly viewable.
  • Fully uses the XenForo 2 payment profiles system
  • Permission for users to view payment-pending paid threads
  • Permission for users to mark payment-pending paid threads as paid
You can define multiple payment prices:
  • Base thread cost - the cost for a plain thread in the forum
  • Per-attachment cost - a cost applied for each attachment in the (first post of the) thread
  • Sticky cost - Users can mark a thread as sticky, by paying an additional cost
Note: This add-on is in beta. Certain functionality is not working or not implanted. Notably, there is currently no upgrade path from my pay to post add-on.
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Latest updates

  1. Fixes & Improvements

    Make sure users can only set thread sticky status on thread creation for paid stickiness Changes...
  2. Bug Fixes

    Bug fixes.

Latest reviews

I know its marked as beta, however the dev doesnt really seem to care to fix bugs quick, which I expected for this price point. I cant currently use the addon :/